It is my great pleasure to extend my warmest welcome to each and one of you to the 4th Humanitas International Cancer Symposium and 70th Anniversary of Kyung Hee University.

This year, we have a special collaboration with Genexine, whose world-class experts in Immuno-Oncology have participated to highlight the symposium.

Not to mention, the leading specialists of micro-biome will give us the inspiring lectures on pioneering topics.

With all of you, I am yet again having a strong conviction that this conference will be a meaningful place to share the most forefront of knowledge-making, inspire new connections of expertise, and continue the long-held spirit of collaboration.

In Humanitas Cancer Hospital, many of our medical professionals have aspired and perspired to make the cancer-free-life a reality, in pursuit of Kyung Hee University’s core principle to make the world a humanitarian place.

I wish all of you, speakers and participants alike, an inspiring day of the symposium.

Thank you.

Director of Humanitas Cancer Hospital
Sang-Seol Jung